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  1. Despite traffic issues having been highlighted in the past by residents, there does not appear to be any forward plan by the parish council. It is procedure that a Parish Council contacts Lincolnshire Road Safety following residents complaints, I cannot see from minutes where complaints have been  documented and action has been taken?

    Why has this not been done and why are the parish council no further forward from several years ago?
  2. Can the Parish Council please explain why a Neighbourhood Plan is not in place to address traffic issues? This is a first step and should have been put in place a long time ago considering the time scale of the situation and the ongoing problems with speeding traffic, over sized vehicles & over weight vehicles.

    It should also have been a concern that planning permission was granted to new housing estates that have no safe pedestrian access to the school, shop, doctors, village hall, park, church & public house and that no thought of peoples safety was given consideration - Why?
  3. How does the Parish Council justify not asking the Parish what it wants when setting funding or asking for an increase in funding from SKDC to address issues in the village? 




  1. A Neighbourhood Plan is implemented by the Parish Council with immediate effect.
  2. An application is made by the Parish Council to Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership every time a residents complaint is made (this is in accordance with Highway Policy). 
    Lots of complaints where made at last nights meeting so that should give the Parish Council a good start in opening discussions.


3. For the Police to monitor the speed, size & weight of vehicles using the village roads that are clearly in breech of Traffic Regulation Orders and are causing one or more of the orders listed in the Lincolnshire County Councils Highways Policy to be violated.


4. For the Police to approach high ranking officers and ask again if members of the public can use Speedwatch equipment in the same way other police services see fit. This will help the Police, Parish Council & Lincolnshire Road Safety in the campaign to improve traffic safety in our village and once the evidence is collated allow the Police to play a pro-active role in addressing the traffic crimes that are taking place.

The Parish Council Response

Dear Road Safety Campaign for South Witham.

Thank you for raising questions to the Parish Council with your concerns regarding speeding traffic and over-sized/over-weight vehicles using the roads in South Witham at the Neighbourhood Panel meeting on 19th October 2016.

We have always taken seriously complaints that we have received about speeding and large vehicles using our roads. As far as we are aware it is not necessary for us to contact LRSP on every occasion. We recently contacted LRSP and got this reply,

I am not sure where the resident got his information but if the PC receives a complaint and if the PC is already completing surveys or is part of CSW or believes there is an engineering solution, there is no need to inform us. I think that common sense will play out.

However if you can let the Parish Council know which part of the Highway Policy you got your information from then we will look into it in more detail.

When we have had complaints we have documented them in our minutes and taken them to the Neighbourhood Panel meetings if they have been relevant to the police.

The Parish Council has asked a representative to attend all Neighbourhood Panel meetings over the last two years. Someone has gone to all, bar one. These meetings are held throughout the rural area of Stamford district every 3 months. If a representative did not go, then South Witham would not have been able to have a say as to what priorities are set for the police to action. Along with other villages speeding has always been top of these priorities. With South Witham High Street and North Witham Road as you can see from the following link.


When we have received a complaint we have followed up with the actions listed below.

  • Requested at all Neighbourhood panel meetings over the past two years that, along with other villages in the catchment area, speeding is to be a priority, in particular South Witham High Street and North Witham Road.

  • Requested that villagers be armed and trained in the use of Radar Guns on the High Street, only to be informed that Lincolnshire Police, unlike Leicestershire Police, did not allow this to be done.

  • Requested that a letter be drawn up by the police to warn companies flaunting the HGV usage, so that when a number plate report be received via the PC or otherwise, said letter could be sent out to them. Since this has happened, no number plates have been given to the PC or report to the police.

  • An Archers report for the High Street was requested in 2013, details of which can be found on the village website.

  • Requested a further Archers report in 2015 for the High Street, North Witham Road and Thistleton Lane. The request for the Archers report on the High Street was declined at this time due to the previous one being ‘not conclusive’.

  • The PC has had talks with LCC regarding traffic calming solutions.

  • Managed to have a sign fixed at both ends of Church Lane that recommends it is not suitable for HGV’s for those vehicles that may be going to the industrial site on North Witham Road. ( We are not permitted to restrict access to both roads leading to N Witham Road so water Lane may still be used)

  • Written to the companies on North Witham Road to ask them to remind their drivers to not to use the village as a short cut to the A1.

  • All quarry traffic is now not permitted to use the village as a shortcut to the A1 or for access to the quarries and should be using the haulage road near the village of Thistleton.

  • Purchased and fitted a re-active speed sign on the High St

  • Purchased and fitted, in approved areas, passive 30 mph signs.

  • Requested and had installed by LCC more visual 30 mph signs on the entrances to the village via Mill Lane and North Witham Road.

With regard to why a Neighbourhood Plan is not in place to address traffic issues.

We may have different understanding of the function of a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish Council has looked at this in the past and their ‘primary function is to address the use and development of land. A NHP influences what gets built - planning of houses, community facilities, shops, identify sites for development, all planning and build all the way, yes consider road networks / facilities in village in conjunction with that.’ This would take a lot of resources both financially and manpower wise that at the present time the current Parish Council is not prepared to commit to. It is not a requirement to have one in place. We have in the past requested help from residents to draw up a Parish Plan and received no offers of help.

However if you purely want the Parish Council to have a clear, documented way forward or an action plan to address the issues that you have raised then yes this is doable. We have already stated above what we have done so far and the ‘Road safety and traffic working party’ will be exploring ways to address the concerns you have put to us in the coming month, so they will be reporting back to the Parish Council, all being well, at the next meeting in December.

We are a little confused over your concerns regarding planning permission for the new housing estates. Are you referring to the new properties along Thistleton Lane and Harold Road? As far as we are aware there is ample safe pedestrian access to the shop and school, apart from the issue of crossing the High Street at Market Court area, which as you have previously pointed out is not ideal. Please can you let us know if this is not the area that you were referring too and we will look into it?

Setting funding or asking for an increase for SKDC.

The Parish Council over the years has put many an article in the local magazine, the Witham Word asking what people want done in the village and have had little response or feedback. We appreciate that not everyone reads the free village magazine but it is delivered, on the whole, to all residents in the village and it is their choice to be bothered or not to read it. The precept that we receive from SKDC has remained the same for at least 5 years and until someone comes to us with a worthwhile and realistic project then it will stay the same. Should a project like this occur then it would be considered and researched by the PC before we would seek the opinion of the residents at that time and it would be budgeted into the next precept. A long process, granted but we do not feel that raising the precept without a main project in mind is justifiable.

We have always listened to people who have come to us with projects and have backed them where we have thought it appropriate. One of these was the setting up of the Community Website, which is fully funded by the PC. The Parish Council itself was instrumental in asking the Parish about the free Wi-Fi project which resulted in a low percentage of response. (Below 12% of the village’s population according to the census of 2011) If that project had necessitated the parish spending its own money I think you would agree there was insufficient interest to justify this.

Thank you for giving us details of other villages in the surrounding area who have managed to get results regarding speeding in their villages, however as these are in different counties it is unlikely that their Local Authorities and Police Forces have the same budget/policies/agendas and priorities as here in Lincolnshire. We are at present investigating the use of radar guns in Colsterworth and will keep you updated on our findings.

We hope that this statement covers the questions you have asked of us and we will endeavour to work with you to continue our goal of reducing the amount of speeding and HGV usage in our village.

We will keep you updated here  and via email if you would like to be added to the update email please initially  email


Website address: 

Latest News

An Extraordinary Meeting Of The Parish Council

7.5 tonne restriction sign

An Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting...

... has been called.

Wednesday 14th December 2016


South Witham Village Hall

Starting at 6:30pm


If you have any questions, queries or any incidents to report then come down and meet the PC Road Safety and Highways working party.  PC Sgt. Rachel Blackwell will be inattendance.

Calendar Link


Thank You

Thank You

to all those who attended the

Public Forum

on 19th Oct in the Village Hall


to all those who have or are writing to the Parish Council about traffic concerns in the village.


We have set the ball rolling and we have a long slog ahead so please continue to support at every opportunity and put in your complaints to the Parish Council so that it gives them the opportunity to raise issues with Lincolnshire Road Safety, the Police & Lincolnshire County Council Highways Dept to facilitate change.

When writing please cc all parties into your email or letter.

Amazing attendance & support from all.


Thank You once again


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